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Camp Runway Week 1 and 2 Photos

This is Carmella in her bucket hat

Nilla also chose to make a hat – a chef’s hat for her father who is a professional chef

Jasmine made this very involved dress for herself. Photo was take before it was finalized

           Jasmine again with Miss Lori after finishing a drawstring bag.

Luna and Francesca made shorts for their first project

The girl scouts were back continuing their charity project for teenage girls in Africa

  Hue made a pair of shorts

The Girl Scouts were in again to make sani-pads for girls in Africa

Brandi make a flared skirt

Nilla in the robe she made

Grace made a corset!

Vivivanna with her new shorts

Kendall and Kylie made zip bags

Ana embroidery this cute onesie on her new machine

Mike and Lori. Mike is starting his own specialty clothing line.

Dax recently made a pair of pants

Valencia and her mom, Marianne designed zippered pouches.

Jordan recreated a dress into this cute top.



Terri made this comfy vest

Aylana and her mom, Jennifer,  made these cute shorts. You’ll notice that Aylana’s have different fabric on left and right. What you don’t see is two other fabrics on the back. Ingenuity!

Dox and his dad Julian made sewing together another precious memory.





The girl scouts have started a project, with SMFs help, to make sani-pads for young girls in Africa who don’t have access to sanitary products. 



We Have New Fabrics

Crystal made this cute tote bag from the new fabric

Maria is hasn’t’ finished this beauty yet which has longer sleeves than shown, also with the new fabric.

Sew Much Fun “Where South Florida Customers Are No. 1!”
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM 
Thursday:10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 
Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Hazel chose a tropical fabric for her zippered pouch

Sara made a go-anywhere dress

Allie made a colorful tote


Jenice made a shorts



Kim redesigned a football jersey


Tyler in her new shorts

Elle made a pair of flowered shorts

Dorian made a cute skirt

Pam Stopped in to show us the dolls she makes

Our own Crystal with a newly covered cushion

While visiting in April, Vivian made these great looking shorts.

Mona made another skirt, this time with a zipper.


Brandi loves her new romper complete with pockets.



Every lesson brings new accomplishments to every sewer.

Lessons are available to all ages 9-99. Call or come in to find out how we can help you in your sewing, whatever type it might be.

Allie becomes more accomplished every lesson. This lesson taught her how to hem her pants on her machine.





April 2021 at SMF. Take a look at what these sewers accomplished

Experienced in shorts, now Shirley learned how to match plaids in a pattern.

Marybeth learned all about inserting invisible zippers with this pillow project.

Vanessa made herself some shorts

Tess enjoyed making these pants

Allie’s PJ set is now complete with the addition of a rope





This is Afrisa.

First she made herself these cute floral shorts. Then she decided a matching top would look just perfect. And it is!



This week Syndee made a plaid skirt., matching all the seams.


Kelly made a reversible apron


Grace loved making this ruffle skirt


Sewing is Sew Much Fun at our new shop!


Saniyah and Kiki


And it’s family fun too!







Brandi made herself some new shorts.

Margaret made herself shorts

Pants made and modeled by Stacey



Grace made herself these shorts

Masks by Sunny for her and mom

Brooke in her new shorts


To answer our most frequent question:

YES, we do teach sewing to ALL ages over 9.

We also do alterations, machine repair, and Scan and Cut. We are a full service Sewing Shop filled to the rafters with fabric, notions, accessories…anything you need. Pictured is Lori, owner and instructor, and Tia who is taking her first sewing lesson. Call us for more information 561-999-9992.

This is Nilsa in the dress she made for her daughter’s wedding.

Angie made the cute shorts she’s wearing.



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