Sewers’ Gallery

Camp Runway 2022 








This is Carmella in her bucket hat

Nilla also chose to make a hat – a chef’s hat for her father who is a professional chef

Jasmine made this very involved dress for herself. Photo was take before it was finalized

           Jasmine again with Miss Lori after finishing a drawstring bag.

Luna and Francesca made shorts for their first project

The girl scouts were back continuing their charity project for teenage girls in Africa

  Hue made a pair of shorts

The Girl Scouts were in again to make sani-pads for girls in Africa

Brandi make a flared skirt

Nilla in the robe she made

Grace made a corset!

Vivivanna with her new shorts

Kendall and Kylie made zip bags

Ana embroidery this cute onesie on her new machine

Mike and Lori. Mike is starting his own specialty clothing line.

Dax recently made a pair of pants

Valencia and her mom, Marianne designed zippered pouches.

Jordan recreated a dress into this cute top.