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Pattern for Cleveland Clinic masks

Pattern for DIY using YOUR scraps.

Kits are now available.

Stop by noon to 2 p.m. and call from your car: 561-999-9992

SMF will be open today
April 4th 12-2 pm
Store Hours April 7 – 10 
Tuesday through
Friday 12 pm to 2 pm
Only for drop off and pick up of mask materials
Please check our www.sewmuchfunandmore.com
FaceBook, or
call 561-999-9992 for latest info
WOW WOW WOW!!!!! We have 90 done!
We have over 20 kits ready for pick up!
Thanks everyone for your incredible support.
Yesterday was the first day and we handed out 33 kits and in the last few days have another 20 kits ready for pick up today, April 4.
We have gotten more materials from Cleveland Clinic and will start making more kits.
There are a few issues I’d like to clarify:
  • The wire for above the nose needs to be “looped” on the 2 ends. The ends of the cut wire can be sharp and poke through the mask if not bent back.
  • 2 pieces of yarn should be used in each of the ties to make them stronger.
  • The right side of the “fabric” is the dull/non-coated side.
  • We are now cutting off the crimped selvage. However a few of the first kits did have them included. If you received any of them please pull the two pieces (green and blue) apart slowly to reduce fabric tearing.
Here is a link to a video tutorial (along with the instructions) of the accordion style mask we are making. https://anest.ufl.edu/clinical-divisions/mask-alternative/
PLEASE DO NOT USE PINS OF ANY KIND ON THE MASK as shown in the video. It’s very important to not have holes in the mask. Use clover clips, binder clips, hair clips etc. to hold the pleats when sewing.
For those of you who are more adventurous, take a look at the 2nd video with the duck bill style mask. I think they will take more time to cut and sew than the accordion ones.
Personally as a sewer and knowing they don’t want pin holes in the mask, I questioned the doctors about the machine needle holes it makes on the front of the mask. The mask has passed all medical safety tests and the doctors are interested in us making some of them also. I will put some kits together next week for them. Email me if your interested.
I now have a new problem, I need help with. I’m out of the fabric home made masks we have made and the word has gotten out this is the place to call.
I currently have a nursing home wanting 100 this afternoon and I’m down to my last 40-50 mask. If you have friends that sew please forward the information to them. Now that the government may put out a mandate for all people to wear them when out in public at groceries, drugstores etc. requests will increase. Elastic is at a premium (I’ve been trying to get more) so you can make ties instead. Some people have used strips of knit fabric, ribbon, and bias tape as an alternative.
Big THANKS to everyone who is helping sew, cutting yarn, fabric, wire and putting kits together. This has become an impressive production line and could never be done without everyone’s help! We are constantly working out little kinks and it seems to be going fairly well now.
For those of you reading one of my emails for the first time please understand, with everyone’s willingness to help, it is becoming increasingly harder to respond to all the emails, texts and calls. Many days we will be here beyond the 12 to 2 , so if you call please say you are calling about the mask and we will pick up if we are here. (We also get lots of robo and hang-up calls taking up time.)
We will update our web page and Facebook as we have more information, including when you can come pick up kits.
Thanks again for all your love and support.

Pattern for Cleveland Clinic masks

Pattern for DIY using YOUR scraps.

We are open…

Only for drop off and pick up of mask materials.

Or,  of  course if you need a machine, we’ll be happy to sell you one!

We’ve changed our hours until further notice. But yes, we are open: from noon to 2 on Tuesdays thru Fridays 


Boca has a “Shelter at Home” in place.

Please check  this page, Facebook, or

call 561-999-9992 for the latest info

This, as all of you know, is a fluid situation so check our website and our Facebook page for up to date information.

In the meantime, join our effort to provide face masks for hospitals. If you can sew, you can do it.

We Can Help!

Sew face masks for hospitals


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For her second project, Rose made a jacket


Sadie made a apron for her aunt.

Leila finished her wrap around skirt

Leila also made a pillow case.

Chloe made a pair of shorts

This is Donna in her pretty apron.

Brooke made this lovely flowing dress.


And Sophia make this black/white hibiscus jump suit.

Ann made a nightgown this week.

Chris made a quilt for her new grandson.

Virginia turned her jeans into a skirt.

Marguertie chose to make this flowing skirt.


Adi made herself flowered shorts

Cathy’s first PJ shorts

Hollan made PJ shorts too

Julie made her first pair of shorts

This is Mary and her first pillow.


Angelina made this cute backpack



Grace made this cute cover-up for her mom

This is Sophia in her first sewing project.


This is Edna at her first group lesson with her finished machine cover.

Jackie, one of our frequent Embroidery Club members, made this lovely poinsettia wrap and put it on one of her pillows. It can also be used for the decoration on a a gift or on a bottle of wine! Cheers!

This summer we welcomed three engineers from Brother’s Japan headquarters recently. The men were in the states, stopping at Brother dealerships. The idea was to find out what customers were looking for in machines and how Brother could accommodate them. Pictured from the left is Lori BW, Yuta Kamihira, from the development department and Yuzo Yskshi, general manager. Ji-hoon Kil took the photo

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