Thanks to everyone’s help, making hospital mask is slowing down. It’s been a crazy 4 weeks. We are very close to having made 2000 for CCH, in addition to the 1000+ we did for assisted living, nursing homes, hospital admin staff etc. Please take a minute to check out all the thank you notes on our FaceBook page.
CCH would still like to have a few dozen more of the cone shaped mask, for anyone interested in helping 🙂 Trust me, I understand everyone is over making and wearing mask. lol If you have any other mask kits out please bring them in so we can deliver them. The hospital has seen a decline in cases and deaths and hopeful, but concerned they may need more if there is a second outbreak. The staff has expressed their extreme thanks for all the work and time put into making the mask to keep them safe.
Today WPTV (NBC channel 5) aired an interview with CCH Mansour Digher and myself discussing the creative use of the surgical equipment cloth (previously thrown away) being used to make 2000 mask. Thanks again to everyone who participated! 


George, our mechanic has been very busy and will be here on Fridays as before. We do wonder when we can get back to classes/lesson and hope it will be soon. Although, the posted hours are 12 pm to 4 pm I am usually here at least till 6 pm so feel free to call (561-999-9992) if you have a need for supplies.

Please stay safe