Taylor, left and Bri, took their first semi-private less from Lori.

Brooke made herself a tote bag and Natalie finished the project for her husband with a PJ top


No we will NOT have camp during Holiday Break. Sign up for private or group classes for the new year.

Call 561-999-9992

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Welcome new sewers. Below is Alex and Julian taking their first lesson from Lori. These young men are learning to sew to help them in their new business.

The SMF shop is always filled with a variety of sewers and projects. Here are just a few:

Eden made her first pair of shorts during her class.

These lips hold all kinds of items. Margie made a 6X8, Helene a 5X7 and Kay a 4X4.

Check our the new fabric: knits, cottons, solids, prints, etc.
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