Sew Much Fun and More is proud to be an official Brother® authorized dealer.

PR1000E: 10 Needle Embroidery Machine Includes PRWT1 Wide Table.

PR655: 6 Needle Embroidery Machine

PRPUGK1: PR1000 Upgrade Kit


XV8500D: Embroidery & Sewing Machine-Dream Machine

NQ1400E: Embroidery Machine. 6″ X 10″ Embroidery Area

NQ3500D: Embroidery & Sewing Machine with Free 2 piece Rolling Bag Set (SASEBQ)

NV1250D: Disney/ USB Stick Compatibility Included

NV1500D: Innov-is 1500D w/Monochrome LCD

NV2800D: Color LCD Sew /Emb with AHA

NV990D: Disney Embroidery & Sewing Machine-   4″ X 4″ Embroidery area

PE780D: Emb Only Disney/USB Stick Compatible

VE2200: DreamMaker XE 7 X 12 Embroidery Only Machine

VM5100: Includes DreamCreator Sewing & Embroidery Machine + Free 2 Piece Custom Luggage & Dust Cover , SAFLIP1, and PEDDESIGNPLUS (SASEB1)

VM6200D: Includes DreamWeaver XE Machine + Free 2 Piece Custom Luggage(SASEB) & Dust Cover!

NQ900PRW: Project Runway Sewing Machine – 240 Stitches

NQ700PRW: Project Runway Sewing Machine – 180 Stitches

NQ1300PRW: Project Runway Sewing Machine – 290 Stitches

NS40E: 50 Stitch Proj Runway Computer Machine

NS85E: 80 Stitch Proj Runway Computer Sewing

NX570Q: Sewing and Quilting Machine with Wide Table, Free Motion Grip and Hard Cover

NX2000: Laura Ashley 460 Stitch Sewing Machine-CLOSEOUT-LIMITED QUANTITIES

VQ3000: DreamWeaver Sewing Machine + 2 piece custom luggage and dust cover

VQ2400: DreamCreator Sewing Machine-561 Stitches, 14 One step auto buttonholes, 3 sewing fontsDUCT NUMBER

SB170: 17 stitch; 4 step Button hole

SB530T: 53 stitch, 1 step button hole plus table

SB700T: 70 stitch , 1 step Button hole, complete with table!

SB3129: 129 stitch + 3 Fonts. Adjustable Zipper and Piping feet & Wide Table included!

SB7050E: 4×4 embroidery only with USB Stick Compatibility! Includes ELS software and In the Hoop Book.

SB7500: Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 4X4 Embroidery Area, 170 Embroidery Designs, 67 Sewing Stitches

SB4138: Advanced Computer Sewing & Quilting with 7-point feed dogs, 138 Sewing Stitches, 10 One Step Buttonhole, 3 Lettering Styles with lower case

SB7900E: Simplicity Embroidery Machine – 5″ X 7″ Embroidery Area. Includes SABESLET2 CD-BES2 Lettering software

SB8000: Simplicity Combination Sewing & Emb Machine

CM550DX: Cutting Machine-Free Cut Up This Book with purchase CABOOK1

CM650W: Cutting Machine-Free Cut Up This Book with purchase CABOOK1

5234PRW: PRW 2/3/4 Diff Feed Serger w/Large Table, LED Light, Needle Threader

3034D: 3/4 Differential Feed Serger