Embroidery Club

Friday, Jan. 31 10 a.m. – noon


Spoiler alert: We’re not positive but we are thinking of making a sweet pincushion and/or scissors cover for our Jan. 31 EC.

Other considerations for future months are:

  • Embroidering on knit fabrics like socks, sweaters, hats.
  • Embroidering on straw type hats or placemats.
  • Candlewick patterns.
  • St. Patty’s Day designs for…St. Patrick’s Day!

Future EC dates are:

Feb. 28

March 27 

April 24

If you have a technique you’d like to learn (trapunto, free standing lace, applique, ribbon embroidery, t-shirt embroidery, terry cloth techniques, etc.) let us know and we will try to include it in the schedule.


Also, we will be teaching a free motion embroidery design technique in the very near future. Check back with us soon or call us and let us know your interests.